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The Queens of Tarot in Personal Ritual

Luna Apotheca


Queens in a Tarot deck represent both feminine energy and influence in society. This isn't to say that this court card in the Tarot deck only represents females. This post intends to take an open-minded look at feminine energies. It's not a way to create unequal gender roles. 

The Queens of Tarot can manifest in ritual practice in many ways: as themselves, as symbols, and as tools. Below is a very general guide and one that I hope inspires you to make the Queens of Tarot an important part of your next ritual.

The Queens as themselves in personal ritual

I prefer to think of this court card as a personification of emotions and feelings. Bringing those emotions/feelings in (or letting them go) create balance. Finding balance in our everyday lives is such an important action, and yet self-neglect is something all to common in the modern world. Listed are a few words describing feminine energy: nurturing, compassionate, intuitive, loving, and receptive. These feelings and states of mind are what we may need to embody or face in our quest to identify what we may need for ourselves.

Which queen will you draw on today?

  • The Queen of Wands (or Staves) focuses on a strong, proud, free, adventurous, wild, and untamed nature.
  • The Queen of Pentacles (or Coins) focuses on a loving, sensuous, open-hearted, stable nature.
  • The Queen of Swords focuses on purity, devotion, caution, serenity, grace, and calmness.
  • The Queen of Cups focuses on compassion, love, and concern for ourselves and our fellow human.

The Queens as symbols

The queens can be used to symbolize the 4 elements, the building blocks of spells. For example, in a spell for Creating a Path to Success they can symbolize a way to nurture creativity (water), receive energy (fire), and calm emotions (air), to bring realization to your dreams (earth). 

  • The Queen of Wands (or Staves) is the element of fire. 
  • The Queen of Pentacles (or Coins) is the element of earth.
  • The Queen of Swords is the element of air.
  • The Queen of Cups is the element of water.

The Queens as tools

In ritual use the tarot deck is a powerful tool. It helps us look at our actions and thoughts and bring to light what may be influencing us subconsciously. More than just a divination tool, it can help us determine where we need to focus our energy. A few ways to use the cards as tools other than in a traditional tarot reading may be the following:

  • The different suits in the Tarot placed on an altar (or in your hand during travel), can represent the 4 elements without the use of more traditional tools that may not be at hand (knife, cup, candles, fire, water, and/or incense, etc) when manifesting or creating spells.
  • Placed at the four corners, they can represent the cardinal directions. 

I hope this post has helped you find new and different ways of bringing the Queens of Tarot into your personal rituals and enhances your ability to draw on these strengths, and open the gateway to the endless, nostalgic, wild, and mystical self. You are timeless and extraordinary.

I would love to discuss this topic further and hear your ideas on the Queens of Tarot and what they may represent to you. I am still an active learner and love hearing about other's experiences. 

Love and Light,


Pictured at the top are the some of my favorite Queen Card representatives, UUSI (Pagan Otherworlds Tarot), Morgan Press (Aquarian Tarot), David Palladini (The New Palladini Tarot)