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san diego, ca

Designer of high end fragrances and body care products in the San Diego area using natural ingredients. Specializing in soap and ritual products. 


This journal is about all of the things that inspire me to keep making my bath and beauty products; including but not limited to books, herbs, plants, places, art and music.

While Wildharvesting at Palomar Mountain, San Diego County, CA

Luna Apotheca

Southern California Botany is beautiful, rich and more diverse than you may believe.

I went wildharvesting with a wonderful guide last Sunday. I learned A LOT about the medicinal plants of my area and I even got to harvest some Mugwort! My guide's name was Shana Lipner Grover. Her site is Sage Country Herbs and I encourage anyone in the San Diego area interested in local botany to take one of her hikes. I admire and applaud her ideas on native plants and our relationship both physically and spiritually to our home, Southern California. She made an inspiring speech while overlooking a chaparral covered valley that I wish I had recorded... but didn't, so you just gotta take her class. Ha!

Posted are some pictures I managed to take... in between my brain occasionally shutting down from too much information and thinking "oooooh pretty" while looking at a flower (thank goodness my boyfriend was along and took excellent notes). Please click through them all!

After this hike I understand that everything that we learn going forward only enriches and nurtures the ideology behind La Luna Bruja, and that makes me happy.


Now go out and learn about the plants in your area. You might learn that "weed" growing in your backyard, is actually great for your health.