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san diego, ca

Designer of high end fragrances and body care products in the San Diego area using natural ingredients. Specializing in soap and ritual products. 


This journal is about all of the things that inspire me to keep making my bath and beauty products; including but not limited to books, herbs, plants, places, art and music.

Music that Inspires

Luna Apotheca

Today I would like to share a video that a friend shared with me. It has a sad feel but the cinematography and the scenery in which it takes place brings me back to my recent trip to the Sequoias. The video and the music just fit so perfectly. I hope you enjoy my share with you.

Published on Sep 27, 2015

Gem Club is a musical project from Somerville, MA, United States, formed in 2009 by Christopher Barnes (piano, vocals), Kristen Drymala (cello, vocals) and Ieva Berberian (vocals). Their EP Acid and Everything was self-released in July 2010, followed up by their debut album Breakers on Hardly Art late September 2011. Their second album, In Roses, was released in January 2014, again on Hardly Art.