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san diego, ca

Designer of high end fragrances and body care products in the San Diego area using natural ingredients. Specializing in soap and ritual products. 


This journal is about all of the things that inspire me to keep making my bath and beauty products; including but not limited to books, herbs, plants, places, art and music.

Harvesting Sea Salt by the Light of the Full Moon

Luna Apotheca


Sea Salt Harvest for La Luna Bruja's Cvlt of Soap, San Diego, CA

On October 27, 2015, a couple of friends and I came up with the idea of harvesting sea salt for La Luna Bruja's soap creations. After we watched this YouTube video How to MAKE YOUR OWN SEA SALT. Updated and had a glass of wine... we were off!

I won't go into detail about every step we made (driving around for hours late at night, running through the crashing waves, etc. I think you get the picture), but I will say it was awesome. I had a ton of fun and I plan on doing this again. To harvest an ingredient with your own hands and from the place you live is an amazing feeling.

The moon above plus the sound of crashing waves equals me feeling like a real sea witch.

I'll make sure to label this ingredient in our soap when it goes up on our Etsy page, which will be opening very soon!

Good night and may the Moon's light bring you the sweetest of dreams.