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Designer of high end fragrances and body care products in the San Diego area using natural ingredients. Specializing in soap and ritual products. 


This journal is about all of the things that inspire me to keep making my bath and beauty products; including but not limited to books, herbs, plants, places, art and music.

3 Steps to Extending your Fragrance

Luna Apotheca

How to apply perfume

No one likes applying their favorite perfume only to have it disappear an hour later. Use the below tips to help extend your beloved fragrance. 

1. Layering Perfume

The first step in extending your fragrance happens in the bath or shower. Use complimentary scented soap instead of deodorant soap which can kill the scent of your perfume. Moisturizing with a matching scented lotion or cream not only helps to extend the scent of your perfume by providing a moist base (dry skin loses scent faster) but its also a great way to enhance your perfume. Create another layer by scenting your undergarments with body powder, rather than applying perfume to your clothes which can stain them or cling to others when you hug them. 

2. Proper Placement of Perfume

Heat helps to activate perfume, so apply to your favorite pulse points: behind the ear, inside your elbow and wrist, small of your back, and perfume rises so don't forget behind the knees.  I think Coco Channel said it best “A woman should wear perfume wherever she wants to be kissed.”  Don't be afraid to accentuate YOUR favorite body part with a well-placed scent!

3. Proper Application

If using a spray perfume remember to hold the bottle at least 8 inches from your skin (yes bare skin, remember perfume stains clothes.) Apply it at least 20 minutes before leaving the house so it has time to mellow. If using a light perfume or perfume oil apply to pulse points several times a day. 

A good rule of thumb is to keep your scent circle only an arms length away. Its heavenly to be enveloped in a cloud of scent, but no one wants to drown in another's perfume.