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san diego, ca

Designer of high end fragrances and body care products in the San Diego area using natural ingredients. Specializing in soap and ritual products. 




Be natural. Be mystical.
You are timeless and extraordinary.

Welcome to La Luna Bruja!

Desert magic, moon phases, ancient rituals and transformation. I craft small limited handmade batches of soaps, perfumes and balms. Blending pure natural botanical oils, essences, herbs and minerals.

Immerse yourself in the universal.


Hello! My name is Tess, and I work as a graphic designer by day and an alchemist by night. I founded La Luna Bruja during the spring equinox of 2015. Born from a fiery passion and fascination with nature, alchemy, and esoteric studies.

My favorite method of soap making is the hot process. I feel it preserves any nurturing infusions, integrity of the herb, and magical properties. And I love the idea of using a caldron for soap making.


I strive to accumulate and use the most natural ingredients I can find.

It is my dream to infuse the every day with a little bit of magic and mystery. Every essential oil, herb, salt, and ingredient is chosen not purely for scent and nourishment of skin but also because of my interest in alchemy, esoteric studies and the moon.

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